Our Vision Statement

We believe God creates a human family; every person is a recipient of God’s grace; and God intends for us to be a community that embodies love, reconciliation, and justice. Thus, we welcome people of all races, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, faiths, and theological identities. Through following Jesus, we embrace God’s radical hospitality towards all.

About Wesley

The Wesley Foundation is the campus ministry sponsored by the United Methodist Church where everyone is welcome, and everyone is celebrated. We are a community of students growing, learning, laughing, and serving together.  We meet every Sunday at 5pm for a wonderful dinner followed by our Large Group discussion at 6pm. We also meet on Wednesdays at 8pm for Fellowship. Our weekly small group book discussion meets on Mondays at 7:30pm, which always combines great conversation, laughter, and grace. Come help make the world a better place with us at Wesley. We live out our faith on campus and in the community through partnering with and supporting other student groups, offering free cookies and lemonade, providing an exam break with dogs and fresh baked cookies, service opportunities and so much more.

The Wesley House

Here at 526 Jamestown Road, right across from Hardy and Lemon dorms, is The Wesley House. When we’re not in the midst of a pandemic, all students are welcome to come relax with friends, watch movies, study, play Wii, or log on to our high speed internet. This year the house will not be open, except to residents at the beginning of the semester. Each year, the house is home to 7 students, who work together to make the house the amazing welcoming community that it is. Come, visit, and stay a while.

Our Mission Statement

We are a living body in the process of becoming and making disciples of Christ. With Christ as our model we challenge one another to:

  •  seek, welcome, and accept everyone
  •  question, grow, and be transformed in faith and love
  •  share in the joy of fellowship
  •  worship God together
  •  go forth in service and hope
  •  share faith in God with others through our actions and words in every aspect of living.

Through God’s grace, we seek to become a more diverse community, united in Christ.