The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church...

The United Methodist Church has a long history of commitment to ministry in higher education. In the words of John Wesley (one of our spiritual forebears), we seek "to unite the two so long divided - knowledge and vital piety." Today, our 8.5 million members support more than 400 Wesley Foundations on campuses of state universities and colleges, along with hundreds of ecumenical ministries jointly sponsored by United Methodists and other Christian denominations. In addition, more than 100 colleges and universities in the United States claim affiliation with the denomination. On campuses and local congregations we have one goal: "to make disciples of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the good news of God's grace and thus seeking the fulfillment of God's reign and realm in the world."  Want to know more? Click here.

The Virginia Conference...

The Wesley Foundation at William & Mary is only one of 14 campus ministries at state-supported colleges and universities which are sponsored by The Virginia Conference of United Methodist Church. In addition, the Virginia Conference is affiliated with five private colleges and universities. The Virginia Conference, which encompasses almost all of the state, has more than 335,000 members and is one of the largest in the denomination. If you want to know more about the life and ministry of United Methodists in Virginia, especially on college campuses click here.

Local Churches

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