The Wesley Board

The strength of our campus ministry is directly dependent on the effectiveness of our local board. Our board members are considered partners with our Student Leadership Team and our staff and play an essential part in achieving our mission.

The purpose of this page is to support the board application process and to provide resources for the annual training and development of our board

Board Job Descriptions: This document provides an explanation of the responsibilities of each of the various positions on the board.  (WF Board Job-Descriptions-AY-2019-2020

AY 2019-2020 Board Recruiting Requirements:

Campus Ministry and Board Support Positions Needed:

  • Editor of the Wesley Update and Wesley Weavings (Link)
  • Web Site Administrator (Link)

Board Member Covenant: The covenant provides the general expectations of all board members. (Board Member Covenant)

Board Application Form: If you are interested in serving on the Wesley Board please complete an application. The application is offered in MS Word or in a “fill-in” PDF format:

Board Training and Development Resources: The Wesley Board Resources web site (Link) is a resource for initial board training and continuing development. The left hand menu provides the
“board basics” of general board responsibilities, the board reporting system and general financial management. The top menu provides resources for improving overall board and committee effectiveness in the areas of governance, planning, evaluation, fundraising, missions, outreach, personnel and property management.