Meet the Team

 The Campus Ministry Team:

  Campus Minister: Max Blalock

Administrative Assistant: Deb Wixted

The Student Leadership Team:

President: Margaret Donnan
Communications: Mazie Doss
Devotions: Sarah Grace Lott and Grace Nelson
Service: Kate Newell
Fellowship: Caroline Yates

Wesley Foundation Board of Directors

In addition to the Campus Ministry Staff and Student Leadership Team – Board Members are: Chair, Melissa MacIntyre- Vice Chair, Pam Dunning – Secretary, Susan Riggs – Treasurer, Bill Robins – Finance, Linda Hansell and Beth Burroughs, – Hospitality, Karen Robins and Donna Herman – Missions/Service, Stephanie Slocum , Personnel, Charles McConnell – Outreach and Development, Jacob Evans, Nancy Yarbourgh and Meghan Clayton – Property,  Ron Rumsey and Fred Dellamura